Monday, July 30, 2007

finished and photographed

here's my completed ester, finished at the end of june, but languishing without a photograph since then. although i have some of the same fit concerns that others have mentioned, mine is just big enough that i think i can avoid the potential dumpy look by wearing it a bit off the shoulder. i brought ester with me on a bus trip from NYC to upstate NY and found it very useful. small enough to fit easily into my bag, but really warm, out of all proportion to its size. i really love the *concept* of this piece and for that alone i think this is going to be a fall/spring staple for me. hmmm, appropriate, i guess, since i teach conceptual art. best of luck with all the esters in progress!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Just Checking In...

I'm still poking along behind everyone, but finally making more progress now that I'm back from vacation and well from a cold! I've just finished the body section before the extra stitches are cast-on, and I'm still so happy with the color and the way the Skye Tweed is working out.
I would have been further along but frogged and restarted the L size after everyone had all of the sizing issues - I'm too in love to have it not fit in the end! Also, I've finally gotten into a rhythm with the cable-needle-less cables, and it really does make a big difference! Hopefully, I can focus on Ester only for a bit and get it done soon, while a few of you might still be checking in! :)