Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'm another southern hemisphere knitter in autumn going into winter, so I'm hoping to get my Ester done sooner rather than later. I've been eyeing off the pattern since the Spring Knitty was published and when this KAL appeared I figured that this was the motivation which was required.
I've been swatching the last couple of days. This seems to be the goer - a smidge over 16 sts and 22 rows to 4 inches on 4.5mm Addi circs. I tried out 5mm bamboo circs first, but it was a tad too loose, and when I teamed the addis with the yarn, they felt like they belonged together (I realise that sounds a bit wacky - sorry).
jet swatch

This isn't the colour I will be using. My LYS didn't have enough of the colour (a tweedy red - with a hint of purple as a dip of the hat to the designer) I wanted in stock, so I will get it next week. This colour is a leftover ball of the same yarn [Patons Jet (70% wool / 30% alpaca)] from a cardigan I knit last winter. The Rowan yarn in the original pattern is just gorgeous, but it's twice the price here and I can't quite justify it in my head.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Swatch me go!

Three swatches for Ester on (from bottom to top) US 7, 8, and 9 needles.
I'm so eager to cast on. Shooting for 4 st/inch.

Used a cable cast-on for all and different cast-off techniques for each.

There are great cast-on and -off tutorials on KnittingHelp.com.

This is the US 7 with traditional cast-off. It hit at a smidge over 4.5 st/inch.

Here's the US 8 with decrease cast-off knit through the back of the loop. This swatch is little below 4.25 st/inch.

Lastly, the US 9 swatch with the decrease cast-off knit through the front of the loop. This gave me minutely more than 4 st/inch.

I'm torn between:

  • the 8s - close to gauge and have a nice density
  • and the 9s - closer to gauge but feels a little loose

  • the decrease cast-off through back of loop - nice elasticity and finish
  • the decrease cast-off through front on loop - nice elasticity, a good blend with the cable cast-on but looks a little less "tidy"
Would love to hear advice and opinions.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yummy Yarn for Ester

I did it, I found the "perfect yarn" for my Ester! A delicious greenish-blue textured yarn; pure new wool from a mill in New Brunswick, Canada. (I swatched it already on my round needles... couldn't wait!) May 1st, here we come!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Jessicah and Ester

I am the BAD KAL buddy you have all heard about, but as I explained on my site, winter is nearly upon us in the southern hemisphere and I really have no time to lose if I want to wear Ester before its too cold! (It was snowing about 3 hours south of Christchurch yesterday. To put this in perspective Christchurch might get two snow days per winter. Ya, cold.)

So when I bought my yarn and swatched, I cast on...and knitted, and knitted, through the ribbing, started the cables and and cast on the extra stitches for the front. Things have since slowed considerably due to the fact there are 3 times as many stitches on my needle, and my puppy is sleeping less!

I'm knitting with an NZ wool: Shepherd 12 ply 100% Lambswool (felted) in a red winey almost purple shade, difficult to catch on camera.

When I lay this out to photograph it my eyes were instantly drawn to the glaringly obvious cabling mistake halfway up on the right. I refuse to rip back to there and it's hard enough to fix cable mistakes two rows down, so I'm just not going there.... I figure it will be in my armpit anyway right??!!

And a word of advice for those cabling for the first time, also without cable needles: consumption of even half a glass of wine prior to attempting this will make it substantially more difficult!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Launching the Ester Knit-a-long

New to knitting and want something to stretch your wings??
Cable experts who want to cable w/o cable needles?
Just looking for kicks and giggles?
Come one, come all.

Our pattern is on Knitty.

Won't you join us? We'll be so happy.

Tell your friends and neighbors! Blog boldly.
Email me (nuttnbunny [at] hotmail [dot] com) or comment to sign on.
Registration deadline is April 30. We cast-on May 1.

Well... some of us were a little eager and are already underway :-)

NO big pressure here. The goal is to complete for use this fall.
Stretch it to winter if you like.
Say "May 2" if you need that kind of deadline.