Monday, July 30, 2007

finished and photographed

here's my completed ester, finished at the end of june, but languishing without a photograph since then. although i have some of the same fit concerns that others have mentioned, mine is just big enough that i think i can avoid the potential dumpy look by wearing it a bit off the shoulder. i brought ester with me on a bus trip from NYC to upstate NY and found it very useful. small enough to fit easily into my bag, but really warm, out of all proportion to its size. i really love the *concept* of this piece and for that alone i think this is going to be a fall/spring staple for me. hmmm, appropriate, i guess, since i teach conceptual art. best of luck with all the esters in progress!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Just Checking In...

I'm still poking along behind everyone, but finally making more progress now that I'm back from vacation and well from a cold! I've just finished the body section before the extra stitches are cast-on, and I'm still so happy with the color and the way the Skye Tweed is working out.
I would have been further along but frogged and restarted the L size after everyone had all of the sizing issues - I'm too in love to have it not fit in the end! Also, I've finally gotten into a rhythm with the cable-needle-less cables, and it really does make a big difference! Hopefully, I can focus on Ester only for a bit and get it done soon, while a few of you might still be checking in! :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ester on the block

Ester is now lying on my table, for want of a better blocking board, and exsuding that wonderful 'wet sheep' smell of humid wool. We'll have to see how it fits later...
Ever since knitting it in purple, I'm experiencing a purple wave, crocheting or planning projects with purple. Sometimes a project makes you 'discover' a colour like that.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Green Ester

Here's my Ester in Green. I'm not sure I like it. The front is cute enough - I curled the edges over so that it does not have to close in front. More of a little shoulder shrug look.

The back... ugh. It looks to tight and does NOT flatter.

I really enjoyed knitting this project. The cables were a first for me and quite fun to learn, and the yarn was really pretty. I don't think I'd ever knit this pattern again and I doubt I'll wear this shrug or even give it away... we'll see what happens. Maybe in the fall I'll feel so inclined to throw it over a tee as a little cover-up for some grocery shopping.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, she's done. Feels a little small and a little big at the same time.

I'm a 36 chest but it feels tight, barely stretching to meet in the front. Not much collar fold down, although I can, perhaps, adjust that.

I'm happier with the sleeve "edge" than I thought I would be (a result of those slipped stitches) but am still considering (given my extra yarn) adding ribbing to match around the sleeve edges. Would love to hear your perspectives.

I'm less happy with the results of my "slip the stitches at the selvage" modification which, while making it pretty while I knit it, gave me a less than ideal sewing edge.

The back seems a little short and wide. Maybe it's just my proportions. Or maybe I just need to move it around to get the right fit.

It's so great to see everyone's work coming together! Let me know what you think about adding the ribbed sleeves... :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ester finds a home

All was not lost - my friend is pretty happy with this "hand-me-down", so the fit issue has been resolved. I ended up just using a kilt pin style fastening which seems to work pretty well.
I love the way that the subtle striping curves over the bust. I think this yarn really was a good find.
I haven't given up on the idea of making another Ester for myself, but when I do, I plan to make a couple of adjustments. One to the overall length of the piece so that it actually does make it across my chest and also increasing the width (especially of the upper section) so that it takes into account my "generously" proportioned upper arms.

Monday, June 11, 2007

On to her new home!

Ester was finished on Knit in Public Day. Though oddly enough, I was done knitting and merely sewing up and weaving in loose ends. But, people saw me with a hand knit garment.

I used my cable needle to hold the front closed, though I did see some cute pins on the Loopy Ewe. The person who will receive this has tons of brooches and pins.

This just closes on me, it's an XL, and when I measured myself, I'm 42". So extra blocking could bring this to a more manageable overlap. I've decided to send this to my more petite grandmother, so overlap shouldn't be a problem. Also, on a thinner body, I'm assuming there would be more fold down collar action going on.

But I enjoyed working on Ester. I think it turned out beautiful. It made me feel so smart to be able to drop down a row or two and recross cables. I loved the chance to see Ester worked up in so many beautiful yarns. This is my first KAL, and I'm really glad I joined. Thank you all for the great support!