Thursday, April 12, 2007

Launching the Ester Knit-a-long

New to knitting and want something to stretch your wings??
Cable experts who want to cable w/o cable needles?
Just looking for kicks and giggles?
Come one, come all.

Our pattern is on Knitty.

Won't you join us? We'll be so happy.

Tell your friends and neighbors! Blog boldly.
Email me (nuttnbunny [at] hotmail [dot] com) or comment to sign on.
Registration deadline is April 30. We cast-on May 1.

Well... some of us were a little eager and are already underway :-)

NO big pressure here. The goal is to complete for use this fall.
Stretch it to winter if you like.
Say "May 2" if you need that kind of deadline.


Jessicah said...

Beautiful Blog Nuttnbunny! And melikes the little button....can we all get a copy??!! Great job.

Jessicah said...

I found it! Cheers :)

Turbo said...

I've ordered my yarn. I want to join the KAL! :)

joy said...

I want to play! I can't cast on until probably June, b/c I have a WIP for my Dad with a strict late May deadline, but after that I'm game!

Kargashina said...

I want to join too.