Sunday, April 22, 2007

Swatch me go!

Three swatches for Ester on (from bottom to top) US 7, 8, and 9 needles.
I'm so eager to cast on. Shooting for 4 st/inch.

Used a cable cast-on for all and different cast-off techniques for each.

There are great cast-on and -off tutorials on

This is the US 7 with traditional cast-off. It hit at a smidge over 4.5 st/inch.

Here's the US 8 with decrease cast-off knit through the back of the loop. This swatch is little below 4.25 st/inch.

Lastly, the US 9 swatch with the decrease cast-off knit through the front of the loop. This gave me minutely more than 4 st/inch.

I'm torn between:

  • the 8s - close to gauge and have a nice density
  • and the 9s - closer to gauge but feels a little loose

  • the decrease cast-off through back of loop - nice elasticity and finish
  • the decrease cast-off through front on loop - nice elasticity, a good blend with the cable cast-on but looks a little less "tidy"
Would love to hear advice and opinions.


Sabine_S said...

I'd go for the size 8 needles. The garment will stretch with time and repeated washes. And the decrease cast-off through the front loop, for its good blend with the cable cast-on. Let us know what you pick...

Terri said...

It's important to wash your swatch and block it and allow it to dry to get an accurate measurement to check your gauge.

I'll check back to see what you decide and to monitor your progress. Have fun and enjoy the process.

Christina Marie said...

My vote is the 8's and the cast off through back loop. I'm a great fan of the cast off through back loop. Maybe 'cause it's the only one I ever use... :)