Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, she's done. Feels a little small and a little big at the same time.

I'm a 36 chest but it feels tight, barely stretching to meet in the front. Not much collar fold down, although I can, perhaps, adjust that.

I'm happier with the sleeve "edge" than I thought I would be (a result of those slipped stitches) but am still considering (given my extra yarn) adding ribbing to match around the sleeve edges. Would love to hear your perspectives.

I'm less happy with the results of my "slip the stitches at the selvage" modification which, while making it pretty while I knit it, gave me a less than ideal sewing edge.

The back seems a little short and wide. Maybe it's just my proportions. Or maybe I just need to move it around to get the right fit.

It's so great to see everyone's work coming together! Let me know what you think about adding the ribbed sleeves... :-)


Jessicah said...

I love the colour. I know what you mean about too big and too small at the same time, a good way to put it. How many rows of ribbing are you thinking about? Bear in mind that the ribbing may cause the slightly too big sleeves to become "poofy"! Hard to say- you can always rip it back!

Sabine_S said...

Sharing Jessicah's feeling about the colour. The back does look wide but at the same time, it looks good that way.
And with a good blocking, the sleeves might not look puffy. Depends on the effect you want to achieve, but overall I think it's a good idea.

if time exists said...

I think you should try the ribbing, maybe just for an inch or two. I don't exactly *love* how my sleeve edges are looking, so I'd like to see how that option looks. Your knitting looks beautiful though!

oneredboot said...

i like how the back collar drapes a bit in the back. also love love love your birds!

Serina said...

Gorgeous! Though I'm not sure how the ribbing would turn out, I have to admit I'm really curious to see it!