Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Akward Stage

After casting on a gazillion new stitches, and feeling pretty happy about achieving the "T" shape. I had to order extra stitch markers to make it all work. There was a slight peeved moment when I found a knot in the yarn. But, it was a small join, and not noticable in the fabric.

Now Ester has entered her akward teenage phase. Limbs that seem too long, not graceful. But she will eventually fill out.
For now, it's slow goings with soft yarn, watching Ester slowly blossom into her true form.


Jessicah said...

I find using little cut up peices of drinking straw work better than any other stitch markers I've used! The akward phase is a beautiful way to describe it!

nuttnbunny said...


Love the idea of the cut up straw for the stitch markers. I just use little loops of waste yarn from other projects.

oneredboot said...

the arms of my ester are stuffed onto my too-small circular needles. it's a 26", but i'm too cheap to buy the 36", which would make it much easier to work these long rows!

joy said...

this is the part that scares me before i even start - but yours looks great so far!

and thanks to Jessicah for the stitch-marker idea!