Saturday, May 26, 2007

just beginning

i finally cast on my ester yesterday! i'm using knit picks wool of the andes, in arctic heather. i had swatched on 7s last week, which was much too small, so i swatched on 9s yesterday, and with blocking, it should be ok. i'm almost done with the ribbing section, and then on to the cables. it's not worth taking a picture yet, but i will when i'm a bit further along.
hopefully i won't take too long on this...i tend to have a lot of projects going at once. part of the reason it took me a few weeks to get started is because i cast on for wicked right after i ordered my ester yarn. now i'm about halfway through wicked and i don't want it to languish forever. so i'll be switching back and forth between these two projects.

i'm loving seeing everyone else's progress. this *sweater* is really perfect in any color. if all goes well, i hope to make another one.

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