Sunday, May 20, 2007

weaving in ends?

my ester is coming along now that i have returned to it from other knitting distractions. as you can see, i have many hanging ends. usually i knit in the ends when possible or weave them in as i go. any suggestions for neat, invisible ways to weave in ends on cable pattern knits? thanks!


nuttnbunny said...

What a great "frosty" color! And those edges look very neat :-)

I'm lazy on weaving in the ends and just usually hold the end plus the "live yarn" while knitting about 7 rows. Perfectly woven in and I didn't have to do anything!!

Paisley said...

I've got a lot of loose ends to weave in as well. I'm planning to do the same thing I do with sock cuffs and do a kind of duplicate stitch which makes a nice invisible weave and doesn't affect the stretchiness of the ribbing. I'll take some photos to demonstrate as it's difficult to explain.