Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weaving and Blocking

I cast off this morning using the knit-2-tog-tbl-then-slip-st-from-right-needle-back-to-left-and-repeat method. Then I spent about half an hour weaving in the ends.
ester weaving in 02

ester weaving in 01

Now I've got it blocking.
ester blocking


nuttnbunny said...

Something so regal!

oneredboot said...

i woudl love to know your method of weaving in ends--it looks lovely!

Paisley said...

The weaving in technique is pretty much as I've photographed it - you just follow the knit column on the wrong side (it really only works with ribbing where you have knit columns on the wrong side). As long as you follow the right angles/slants of the stitches, the weaving in becomes almost invisible.