Saturday, May 5, 2007

Paisley's Ester begins

I made a start on my Ester last night and did some more work on it this morning. I've finished the preliminary ribbing and done one pattern repeat so far.
ester 03

The cabling without a needle has proved to be pretty smooth, far less cumbersome and speedier than wrangling with a cable needle. I think my transition has been helped because I'm also working on Eunny Jang's Bayerische socks which have tiny cables all over them and so I've just learnt the cable-needle-free method from her instructions (I don't think her instructions are quite the same method as the Grumperina instructions which Alice linked to, but the effect is the same). The Ester cables, on much chunkier yarn, seem like a doddle in comparison!
ester 02

As always, photographing red is a big challenge. The true colour is probably somewhere in between these two photos. Top one - a smidge too dark, bottom one - a bit over-exposed.


oneredboot said...

what a gorgeous, rich color! it looks like there little bits of lighter and darker reds in it. what is it? it's a beatiful choice! also, i love your stitch markers.

nuttnbunny said...

Oooh!!! The subtle banding is so beautiful. A perfect fit with the cables.

Christina Marie said...

I LOVE that yarn!!! What did you use? It's sooooo pretty. Good job so far!

Paisley said...

The yarn is Patons Jet in colourway number 8.
Thanks for your kind comments.

Paisley said...

oh - should have mentioned - Patons yarn range in Australia is completely different to Patons anywhere else - the link above is to the Patons Australia range.

Alice said...

that yarn is just perfect!