Monday, May 7, 2007

Step 1

I've finished the lower back and am about to start with the upper section. Kind of giddy.

This yarn is so lovely to knit with. It's half alpaca half peruvian wool. It feels fantastic in the hand. I was using the cable needle-free version of cabling from Wendy Knits' website ( But the yarn just couldn't handle it easily. So I've ordered a cable needle set from Knit Picks and until then am using a dpn. I forgot to bring it on a car trip yesterday and ended up using a pencil. Worked just fine. But definitely look forward to the shorter cable needle when it arrives!

I've decided to make the XL.

Loving all your pictures. Happy knitting!


nuttnbunny said...

I started using a cable needle just to get the hang of the pattern. The one I love is shaped like a long U with one arm shorter than the other.

I have the knitpicks wood needles but they're a little too sticky for me.

Your progress (and the yarn) looks fantastic!!

Christina Marie said...

It looks awesome! I just started the upper section too, and it's very exciting.

Jessicah said...

I found it all downhill from here! Haven't knit a stitch in a week! Hope you have better momentum!

Paisley said...

Looking good. I'm up to about the same stage and it's much slower going once your stitch count effectively trebles!