Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I hear frogs in the distance....

So... things are cruising along nicely except for some trouble spots.
A frogging we will go.

The red circle highlights an interior rib stitch where I purled when I should have knit. It will drive me insane if I leave it.

The red rectangles illuminate errors in yarn carrying. I'm slipping each first stitch rather than knitting/purling because it give a cleaner, flatter edge. If you do it correctly, that is.

Lastly, I measured the bottom edge. The pattern says I should be at 17" for a medium. I think it will be more like 15" after blocking. I may recast for a large. I am at a 36-38 bust but have the shoulders of a linebacker.

Has anyone else measured?

All is not lost, however. I'm really digging the cabling without the cable needles and this preliminary jaunt gave me a chance to "perfect" that method.

Tonight, I begin again.


Christina Marie said...


I myself am not so picky... I have a plethora of "oopses" so far on my Ester, but I let 'em go. I am a cheap and "want results now" type of knitter, I guess! Good for you, though. I'm sure your Ester will be immaculate.

Christina :)

oneredboot said...

I love slipping the edge stitches--I learned about it from a modalura pattern and the effect is so nice, but have not been so bold as to try it on other garments yet. glad to know it's a technique that can be used more broadly. thanks!

Paisley said...

re sizing - don't forget that it will have a fair amount of stretch with all the ribbing.
I admire your fortitude in frogging back to fix that pesky rogue purl stitch!